The Top 3 Reasons to Shop at Small Businesses

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By Brittany Van Den Brink


“Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy.” This phrase has been spoken time and again because small businesses are truly imperative for our economy and communities to thrive. In fact, in Canada, they account for over 90 percent of private sector jobs. They line the main streets of our communities and offer unique products and services in today’s online world.

In the midst of a raging pandemic, now more than ever it is imperative we show small businesses our support. Corporations like Amazon have only become richer during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Business Insider reports that “from March to June 2020, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos saw his wealth rise by an estimated $48 billion.” At the same time, small businesses have seen a revenue drop of 40%, and many have closed permanently. While our support for small businesses is critical now, it will also remain that way long into the future.

We consumers have choices. Consider these draws for supporting small businesses.

Small Businesses Care

Small business owners are ambitious and driven to create top-notch products. They also genuinely care about providing positive customer experiences - and when you’re a small business, each and every customer matters. This is not always the case for large corporations, where the bottom line is the key business driver.

They Could be More Sustainable Shopping Choices

There tends to be more transparency in the materials used and how products are created when you shop small because the journey from manufacturer to consumer is often shorter. They might resell products created by small-batch brands - or even make them themselves! Of course, this will not be true in every case, but shops like Sadie Ln are committed to quality and sustainability in the products we sell.

Small Businesses Support the Local Economy

When you support local small businesses, your dollars stay in the community. For example, $68 of every $100 spent at a local independent store is reinvested in the community versus $43 with a larger retailer. In the end, the whole community benefits.

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