Let Them Swing: How Swinging Can Help Your Child's Development

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By Brittany Van Den Brink



How many times have you said “No somersaulting on the couch!” to your kids?


Or asked them not to cartwheel indoors.


Or demand for the 10th time that they refrain from steamrolling each other across the length of the kitchen.


These seem like reasonable requests.  


But children need the input that comes from swinging and spinning. In fact, it’s crucial for their development. Their bodies crave this sensory input.


Of course, boundaries are important. It’s completely reasonable to prevent your children from, say, flipping from the coffee table to the couch. (My kids can’t be the only ones who have done this!)


But what if you could adapt your indoor environment to meet your child’s developmental needs - in an aesthetically pleasing way to boot!


The Finn + Emma Macrame Swing checks all the boxes. 


This post will explain why swinging is so beneficial to young kids - and how the Finn + Emma Macrame Swing can help. 


Why Children Need to Swing

It may seem dizzying to you, as an adult, but swinging helps your child’s nervous system mature - which helps her self-regulate. 


What does this mean? Swinging is calming and helps your child adapt to stimulating situations. 


Having the chance to swing and be physically active in other ways helps your child’s focus, attention span, and ability to settle her emotions later. 


It also builds coordination and core muscles. Children have to use multiple muscle groups at once to stay upright in the swing - and as they get older they use their arms to hold on and their legs to make the swing move.


Stronger muscles gained from swinging will help your child as they move on to other activities that require gross and fine motor skills.


Researchers from Penn State remind us to encourage, not try to stop, this kind of movement. They put it this way: 


“...if children incessantly spin in circles, it is because their bodies crave that stimulation. If they roll and tumble and stand on their heads, it is because they need that sensory fix. If they rock or rhythmically sway, it helps their bodies to organize and function. Create spaces where they can do these activities anytime the children need to.”

The Finn + Emma Macrame Swing is the perfect way to introduce these movements to youngsters. They’re sure to find ways to keep swinging and spinning as they grow!


Bring Swinging Indoors with the Finn + Emma Macrame Swing

The Finn + Emma swing is more than an attractive piece of nursery decor - though it certainly looks lovely. The indoor swing for kids does wonders for your child’s body and mind.


Playing outdoors has so many wonderful benefits for kids of all ages but let’s face it - a visit to the playground doesn’t fit in our schedule everyday. As beautiful as it is fun, the Finn + Emma swing can become an integral part of your home decor and your little ones’ sensory development. 


The Finn + Emma Macrame Swing is suitable for babies and toddlers up to 40 lbs. Options for an indoor swing for kids of preschool and school age are a hammock swing like this or a wooden swing like this. 


View the Finn + Emma Macrame Swing available at Sadie Ln.

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